Gen X Gen Y….not?!

Gen X Gen Y...not?!

Gen X Gen Y…not?!  So today is my my birthday and I felt it appropriate to post a pic of me a few years back…ala 80’s graduate.  Yes I know it’s not throw back Thursday but hey its my bday and I can do what I want to…right?  My friends decided to take my year […]

Update hairstyle for your career

update hairstyle

Update hairstyle for your career or just for your personal life.  My new client Kiara who just moved to Los Angeles was referred to me to update her look for more casting.  As you can see she had really long hair that had not been colored, cut, or styled.  It was just long hair that […]

Sofia Loren vs. Jayne Mansfield

Sofia Loren vs. Jayne Mansfield

Sofia Loren vs. Jayne Mansfield is the ultimate  Blondes vs. Brunettes ala Sofia Loren and Jayne Mansfield on this #TBT.   This is from some set  of the famous pics at Romanoff’s restaurant in Beverly Hills.  There were a group of pictures of these two when they sat at this table together.  The well known shot […]

Hair disasters

Hair disasters

Hair disasters sometimes start when a client does not trust the stylist in front of them.  Even though my post is funny it is true.  Well not the unicorn part, but it might as well be.  Once in awhile a new client will be in my chair for a consultation and have a list of […]

Brunettes with highlight ideas

brunettes with highlight ideas

Brunettes with highlight ideas have a huge variety of tones to pick from for skin tone and eye color.  When a darker brunette wants to “lighten up” I notice the first words I hear usually are….”I DO NOT WANT TO BE BLONDE!”  I know what they mean because when I see a bad highlight on […]

Breck hair care color #tbt

Breck hair color

Breck hair care color is a great toss back for #tbt.  “Just comb it in”  its that easy!  haaaaaaa! I love it.  First off the retro box and photos are eye catching but the at home comb it in…makes salons money in the “please help me fix my hair”  category.  I cannot tell you how […]

Grease sing along

Grease sing along

Grease sing along at the famous Hollywood Bowl is my tribute to #tbt as the movie that has a lot to do with hair and pop culture. It is the perfect throwback for my #tbt post.  Sitting there in the patio at the bowl I look across the picnic tables and spotted this chick with […]

Gray hair coverage is always a challenge

gray hair coverage

Gray hair coverage is always a challenge.  It does not matter what line or technique a colorist chooses, bottom line is all gray hair has its challenges.  Whether  its covering or blending, to take what a client has and make it look natural and covered 100% takes technique.  This client came in after a year […]

Blondes going darker

blondes going darker

Blondes going darker is a big step for a bright blonde to go thru.  It is no joke.  I have brought many a bright blonde into a richer, darker, warmer blonde and it can be just 2 shades darker and it is a huge change. Its a change to a woman’s identity and how she […]

Vidal Sassoon knew hair

Vidal Sasson knows hair

Vidal Sassoon knew hair on a woman like no other.  Like Coco Chanel knew the lines of a skirt and jacket on a women he too knew a good line on a lady.  This picture and his facial expression really say it all.  I love the caption “whatever can you be thinking wearing your hair […]