Organic Hair Color

Organic Hair Color

Organic Hair Color Rebuilt her hair from the inside out, Organic Color, Treatments, Brazilian Blowout When she came to me from another salon…they broke, and dried out here dark Asian descent hair by trying to make her make her a blonde.  This is a case of…being blonde does not mean just one blonde.  There are […]

Caramel Highlights

caramel hightlights

Caramel highlights then Moroccan Oil “light” and Volume Mousse…long shiny healthy hair…love Moroccan Oil !!!! Kate here came in for simple set of caramel hightlights…a “dusting” which is a slight grazing of the ends of the hair to keep hair long and healthy.  Think of it as the “non haircut, haircut”  lol .  I just […]

Full Body Hairstyles

full body hairstyles

Full body hairstyles…Dull flat hair…lifted full with body Moroccan Oil “light” and Morocccan Oil Mousse  Want to know how we achieved that look in the salon?  Here is a client from beginning to end and step by step what we did.  This client had dull, flat hair.  Her hair was highlighted partially into a soft […]