Color Boost For Hair

Color boost for hair

Color Boost for hair to shine away her drab brunette… This actress who comes to me for rich, warm, brunette color…had a dull on set color done and needed it rich again.  Since it was already colored i just washed her hair, put on a rich golden, amber, copper color gloss.  I truly don’t give […]

Simple Fix: Gloss & Trim

Simple Fix: Gloss & Trim

Sometimes its just a simple fix…just a honey gloss and a mini trim to fix this womans trashed locks….Sometimes fixing a color and a cut you have little options.  This woman came to me from an on set model mishap.  She as a hair and make up model for an infomercial gone wrong.  Whey they […]

California Blonde Hair

California blonde hair

California Blonde Hair showcases a dishwater blonde that was sent to me with dull and now bright, shiny NEW look. Dishwater blonde young actress was referred to me by an agent client of mine.  She needed to get a brighter, more natural, blonde color for more castings.  Simply gave her a partial highlight, using her […]

Color Damaged Hair

color damaged hair

Color damaged hair due to home hair color ruined her hair…she came to me and 6 months later after good color and treatments…….rich, shiney, healthy hair! This beautiful young lady came to me with her hair dried out from box coloring it for a year at home.  She needed help and after 8 months of […]