Red Hair Color Boosted

red hair color boosted

Red hair color boosteed….I Had this great client with tons of thick natural red hair.  She needed her hair boosted with color to give it some much needed rich copper infused into it, then thinned out to shape her face and give her bangs for a softer effect.  She was so relieved to have shape and younger looking color in her hair again. Simply it just took a detox shampoo to take off  any product build up off her hair.  As when I did not use permanent hair color  I simply used a color gloss to infuse her natural with translucent copper golden tones.   You have to get the  hair as clean as possible so the  color gloss can distribute evenly from root to ends.  This is all a natural red head needs.  As long as they are not super gray.  It is best used on a person  with little gray.  There is no commitment to this color as it fades on tone.

If you are a red head and want to do this.  Ask your stylist about a color gloss.  I personally  use an organic color gloss that only helps the health  and shine of  the hair and it can be done monthly if you choose to keep  it vibrant or if not just lett it fade on tone within 12 weeks  the color will have washed out.  But the  great thing is  you don’t have to do your roots and be committed to doing roots.  This is best for anyone who has faded color either natural or color treated.  Color gloss is a great boost to any color.  But formulation is key.  So let a pro do it for you.  Yea I know  the box stuff at the store you think might work but alas its generic and usually made with cheap products….leave it to the pros!