Brazilian Blowout Styling Tips

Brazilian Blowout Styling Tips

Brazilian Blowout Styling Tips: Brazilian Blowout you can wear wavy or straight…here is the proof



I Wanted to blog this morning about the constant questions about brazilian blowout.  First off it has been cleared by the FDA and is safe for service.  Like all chemical services not everyone is going to react the same.  Haircolor for example is tingling on ones scalp and doesn’t faze the scalp of another.  Some smell shampoo and any salon chemical with bionic smell, another might not smell anything.  I wanted to blog about this once and for all.  If you get a brazilian blowout…your fine.   If anyone has to worry is us the stylist doing the service all day.  We are not affected by it, I have yet to meet a person who is in the hospital from doing a brazilian blowout.  Years of perms and colors in the air most of us stylists are used to all of this, maybe its the cigarettes that people smoke on top of all of it that does not help.  lol

Also here is a picture of my sisters hair two pix taken in the same week.  The picture shows how she wears her hair naturally thick, coarse, wavy hair…. with the brazilian blowout in it.  The picture on the left is her hair with the brazilian blowout and it air dried this way with simple Moroccan Oil curl cream.  The shot on the right is her hair blowout in her own bathroom.  It used to take her an hour to get it that smooth now it takes…20 minutes.  She has two options to wear her hair now…wavy or straight.  This is what the brazilian blowout can do for your hair.  She gets 4 months of style eased hair.

So people trust your stylist, plus doing a brazilian blowout after a color locks in the color…less fading as it has sunscreen built in.    Btw i took this on my Evo phone that’s how much i wanted to prove there are options.  no fancy camera or photo shoots to show the real deal with how good your hair can look…even off my phone.