Hair Color at Home vs Salon

hair color at home vs salon

hair color at home vs salon This client came in with hair that was colored by at home box black hair color.  She came to me and asked to bring her from black to a warm brunette.  For healthy hair you should do this in stages and treat it as you go along.  I started […]

Organic Hair Color

Organic Hair Color

Organic Hair Color Rebuilt her hair from the inside out, Organic Color, Treatments, Brazilian Blowout When she came to me from another salon…they broke, and dried out here dark Asian descent hair by trying to make her make her a blonde.  This is a case of…being blonde does not mean just one blonde.  There are […]

Caramel Highlights

caramel hightlights

Caramel highlights then Moroccan Oil “light” and Volume Mousse…long shiny healthy hair…love Moroccan Oil !!!! Kate here came in for simple set of caramel hightlights…a “dusting” which is a slight grazing of the ends of the hair to keep hair long and healthy.  Think of it as the “non haircut, haircut”  lol .  I just […]

Hair Color Gloss

Hair Color Gloss

Hair Color Gloss  Color gloss and a Brazilian Blowout softened her color and gave her shine. Before she had slightly over processed hair from another salon…I gave her some subtle high and low lights with a honey color gloss.  Then followed her hair color by a Brazilian Blowout…now she has easy hair care for 4 months…ahhhhhh!

Color Boost For Hair

Color boost for hair

Color Boost for hair to shine away her drab brunette… This actress who comes to me for rich, warm, brunette color…had a dull on set color done and needed it rich again.  Since it was already colored i just washed her hair, put on a rich golden, amber, copper color gloss.  I truly don’t give […]

Facebook Client Review Christine Norene Smith

Facebook Client Review  Christine Norene Smith  via facebook posting 4/23/12 5 hours ago Big shout out and “Thank you” to Todd Sterling Brown of Sterling Salon in Studio City. Where have you been the last 10 years of my life?! I am so excited. Check him out. Super professional and an added bonus that I […]

Red Hair Color Boosted

red hair color boosted

Red hair color boosteed….I Had this great client with tons of thick natural red hair.  She needed her hair boosted with color to give it some much needed rich copper infused into it, then thinned out to shape her face and give her bangs for a softer effect.  She was so relieved to have shape […]

Housewives of Beverly Hills rants and Kardashian

Housewives of Beverly Hills rants and Kardashian, and the best Lindsay Lohan needs “to be sprinkled in Glamour!”  Rants done by Donnie on the web series…The Power Object Here is Donnie ranting about housewives of beverly hills to Kim Kardashians hair oh and the best is Lindsay Lohan needs to be sprinkled in glamour ha […]

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde Took a dirty blonde who wanted to be a Platinum blonde…she rocked it! Todd Sterling Brown took a dirty blonde and made her hair platinum due to her field of being a musician.  she wanted to turn it up a notch and she rocked it.  this was done in one appt.  blonde made […]

Brazilian Blowout Styling Tips

Brazilian Blowout Styling Tips

Brazilian Blowout Styling Tips: Brazilian Blowout you can wear wavy or straight…here is the proof   BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT OPTIONS I Wanted to blog this morning about the constant questions about brazilian blowout.  First off it has been cleared by the FDA and is safe for service.  Like all chemical services not everyone is going to react […]