Brighten dull blonde hair

brighten dull hair

Brighten dull blonde hair by using low to no ammonia hair color on fine hair.  I had another new client referred to me to fix her dull, flat, over processed hair.  As soon as I touched her hair I could feel the damage on her fine hair from too much ammonia.  My new client is […]

Stripping hair color

striped hair color ...fix

Stripping hair color is the atomic bomb of hair color removal.   When I had this actress come in from working on a film as a dark brunette her previous color person stripped her color out and left it this burnt reddish color.  This blew my mind as it was left this way and she wanted […]

Highlights and lowlights …that is the question?

highlights and lowlights

Highlights and low lights?…that is sometimes a confusing question.  I wanted to share a new client who came into me last week to fix her long grown out balayage hair color.  Her last colorist was doing this service on her and it ended up just blonding her out so much that it was like a […]

Blonde on Blonde

blonde on blonde

Blonde on Blonde is better done on a darker natural base color to achieve blended levels of blonde.  Sofia Vergara , Madonna, J-Lo who are natural level 4 dark brown hair color have to “bust the base” meaning you have to lift the natural hair a few levels with just hair color.  Then go in […]

Gray hair coverage is always a challenge

gray hair coverage

Gray hair coverage is always a challenge.  It does not matter what line or technique a colorist chooses, bottom line is all gray hair has its challenges.  Whether  its covering or blending, to take what a client has and make it look natural and covered 100% takes technique.  This client came in after a year […]

Color Gloss to Richen your Hair

Color Gloss to Richen your Hair

Color Gloss to Richen your Hair When a redhead needs a boost… This actress is a natural red and she wasn’t getting the red head roles with her dull natural red…sometimes all you need to do is color gloss a natural color and just add to what she already has….here she got just a copper […]