Mens haircut 2015

Mens haircut 2015 can be polished and clean with easy upkeep.  Yes I have noticed two trends for men’s hair  in 2015.  One is the short shaved sides with a tied up man knot on top.  Seems all  the hypsters have locked in on the man bun trend.  There is another trend that I have […]

The Spock haircut in Star Trek

Spock Star Trek haircut

The Spock haircut in Star Trek haircut was a pop culture stamp on men’s haircuts.  Most men back in 1966 would not get a “Spock” haircut.  But the youth of the beatnik era did and would.  All this time I thought that Vidal Sasson cut Leonard Nimoy’s hair or the flashy playboy stylist Jay Sebring […]

Mickey Rourke hair….wigs gone wild!

mickey rourke wig

Mickey Rourke hair…what’s up with that?  Lets get something straight here first.  I do not harsh a dude or woman going thru hair issues of any kind. Stuff happens that affects hair from stress, to hormones, to poor treatment to it.  Hell then there is just getting older and that’s it.  There are ways to […]

Wella Balsam ala mid 70’s for a mans Prince Valiant bob

Wella Balsam

Wella Balsam ala mid 70’s for a mans Prince Valiant bob This Prince Valiant bob on a man makes me maybe not use wella balsam shampoo.  Oh but back in the mid 70’s I am sure this ad made men feel they could balance their shiny bob’s with a butch stach.

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