Bob haircuts for thin hair

bon for thin hair

Bob  haircuts for thin hair are always a win win.  I have been noticing a trend of the long, barrel iron curls being chopped off for a clean liberating slight A-line bob.  From thick to thin hair the clean slightly layered bob is classic and elegant.  So many options to style it.  Air dry, flat-iron, […]

A-line bob haircut

A-line bob haircut

A-line bob haircut is always classic and always on trend.  I have been noticing a big trend in my salon and in the world around me.  Seems from Kelly Ripa, to Heidi Klume, to the dental hygenist in my chair.  The trend is the classic slight A-line bob.  Not the bob that Barbara Streisand did […]

The Spock haircut in Star Trek

Spock Star Trek haircut

The Spock haircut in Star Trek haircut was a pop culture stamp on men’s haircuts.  Most men back in 1966 would not get a “Spock” haircut.  But the youth of the beatnik era did and would.  All this time I thought that Vidal Sasson cut Leonard Nimoy’s hair or the flashy playboy stylist Jay Sebring […]

Donating hair is a great thing!!


Donating hair is a great thing!!  My friend Merry will grow out here hair and donate it every year.  She basically just comes in during the year for “dusting” hair cuts.  That is where I literally cut the hair dry and “dust” the edges with my sheers to take off the minimal dead ends every […]

Long to Short Hair

Long to Short Hair

Long to Short Hair She asked me to just break up her long boring hair….This client was so bored with her long blonde hair.  So base color a partial highlight with a point cut…boom….fresh spring/summer shake and go hair.

Spring makeover!!

Spring makeover

Spring makeover!! My client Caroline came in and said…I need new! My client booked this and said….”I am over long hair….I need a spring, fresh, new do’!”  So since she is going from long to short I decided to cut her and start in the shallow end of the pool so to speak.  A slight […]

Organic Hair Color

Organic Hair Color

Organic Hair Color Rebuilt her hair from the inside out, Organic Color, Treatments, Brazilian Blowout When she came to me from another salon…they broke, and dried out here dark Asian descent hair by trying to make her make her a blonde.  This is a case of…being blonde does not mean just one blonde.  There are […]

Andy Cohen…really dude?

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen don’t falll into midlife b.s.!!  Andy you really need to go back to the cut on the right, this one on the left is….trying to hard to be younger look, that gay men do alot! Its like bad lip injections chicks get or really obvious botox.  You stood out on the right due […]