Blonde hair for Asian skin

Blonde hair for Asian Skin is beautiful when done correct and the right color tones for the client.  There are tons of levels and tones of the BLONDE hair color.  Some think going blonde just means MARILYN MONROE blonde.  That is so limiting and just not true.  You can make a dark blonde to lighter […]

How to refresh faded hair color


How to refresh faded hair color,  and not damage your hair.  Color on your head is just like any color  on any material, jeans, a shirt, a sweater, your favorite picture in a frame.  Over time the sun, time, and  elements will diffuse the color pigment period!  In your hair color the color slips out […]

Best blonde hair color

spring blonde

Best blonde hair color for Spring or hell anytime of year is a soft blonde on blondes.  Not just solid bleached one tone hair.   The bleached look usually can only be worn by someone under 25 years old then it can start looking harsh on adults who are getting older.  Established base color then fine […]

How to brighten a blonde

organic blonde hair color

How  to brighten a blonde in one simple color.  My client came to  me with grown out old highlights with some salt and pepper dirty blonde hair.   She was wanting to simplify her color  and  yet be a brighter, warm blonde.  She wanted a break from highlights and do a single process.   I decided […]

Madonna or Farrah?

Madonna or Farrah?!

Madonna or Farrah is my question on this Throw Back Thursday?!  I came across the famous Farrah shot and remembered reading that the photographer just snapped this shot of her naturally sitting there smiling.  Now I partially believe that she was just sitting there between shots and maybe he caught her laughing or something…but her […]

Highlights and lowlights …that is the question?

highlights and lowlights

Highlights and low lights?…that is sometimes a confusing question.  I wanted to share a new client who came into me last week to fix her long grown out balayage hair color.  Her last colorist was doing this service on her and it ended up just blonding her out so much that it was like a […]

Blonde on Blonde

blonde on blonde

Blonde on Blonde is better done on a darker natural base color to achieve blended levels of blonde.  Sofia Vergara , Madonna, J-Lo who are natural level 4 dark brown hair color have to “bust the base” meaning you have to lift the natural hair a few levels with just hair color.  Then go in […]

Dried Out Blonde Hair

dried out blonde hair

Dried Out Blonde Hair – Broken, Brassy Blonde turned…Soft, Beige, Shiney.  One treatment and already better! This was a broken and dried out head of hair. she needed a base and a treatment and boom…80 percent better…then highlights came.

California Blonde Hair

California blonde hair

California Blonde Hair showcases a dishwater blonde that was sent to me with dull and now bright, shiny NEW look. Dishwater blonde young actress was referred to me by an agent client of mine.  She needed to get a brighter, more natural, blonde color for more castings.  Simply gave her a partial highlight, using her […]