Punk Hair color Vs. Real Life

Punk Hair color Vs. Real Life is a hot topic in hair color world these days.  I know its a trend that will come and  go. Just as it did in the 80s with the manic panic stage of punk color.  In the 80s it was a punk / anti establishment  statement.    Now its […]

Kim Kardashian Blonde

kim kardashian blonde

Kim Kardashian Blonde is a subject I felt I had to address.  I am going to try to stay neutral on this subject as I am not a big fan of this person.  But when I read an article on how Kim basically said, “Madonna was my inspiration.”  Ok well as the rest of us […]

Frizzy hairstyles

frizzy hair used to be a trend

Frizzy hairstyles  used to be a trend.  Way before the flat iron generation of the mid 90’s when girls ran to get their flat irons.   Way before the brazilian Blowout.  Way before the Yuko straightener.  Way before Moroccan Oil and products of this ilk, there was a time in the 70’s and 80’s when […]

Madonna or Farrah?

Madonna or Farrah?!

Madonna or Farrah is my question on this Throw Back Thursday?!  I came across the famous Farrah shot and remembered reading that the photographer just snapped this shot of her naturally sitting there smiling.  Now I partially believe that she was just sitting there between shots and maybe he caught her laughing or something…but her […]

Is Sun In good or bad for your hair?

Sun In is not Fun In your hair

Is Sun In good or bad for your hair?  I always say…”Sun In is no fun in your hair!”  My #TBT shout out goes to …Sun In. When Summer comes along I start to see some slightly brassy brunettes and dark blondes out there.  Seems that no one over the last 35 years has picked […]

Angelyne billboard


Angelyne billboard and the huge painting of her on the side of a Hollywood building were what one did in the days before instagram and twitter.  This woman did trail blaze shameless self promotion with zero talent wayyyyy before Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.  This big breasted, 80s, blonde,  small waisted, pink Corvette driving lady […]

Gen X Gen Y….not?!

Gen X Gen Y...not?!

Gen X Gen Y…not?!  So today is my my birthday and I felt it appropriate to post a pic of me a few years back…ala 80’s graduate.  Yes I know it’s not throw back Thursday but hey its my bday and I can do what I want to…right?  My friends decided to take my year […]

Vidal Sassoon knew hair

Vidal Sasson knows hair

Vidal Sassoon knew hair on a woman like no other.  Like Coco Chanel knew the lines of a skirt and jacket on a women he too knew a good line on a lady.  This picture and his facial expression really say it all.  I love the caption “whatever can you be thinking wearing your hair […]

Throw Back Thursday ala Dorothy Hamill, Clairol, make it short and sassy….

Thanks to Ms. Clairol for bringing us some “Short & Sassy” shampoo with the stamp of approval from hair icon Dorothy Hamill.  Yes she was a famous ice skater but lets face it….her hair made her famous just like Farrah  Fawcett and Jennifer Aniston.  The idea that a shampoo could make your hair …”Short & […]

1980’s era of hair and style

1980's era of hair and style

My client years before we met….I just dig this 1980’s era of hair and style This is a client of mine Heather Menzies Urich and her handsome husband Robert Urich in an awesome photo from early 80’s.  I had to post this even though this is not my work.  I just dig this era of […]