Frizzy hairstyles

frizzy hair used to be a trend

Frizzy hairstyles  used to be a trend.  Way before the flat iron generation of the mid 90’s when girls ran to get their flat irons.   Way before the brazilian Blowout.  Way before the Yuko straightener.  Way before Moroccan Oil and products of this ilk, there was a time in the 70’s and 80’s when […]

Madonna or Farrah?

Madonna or Farrah?!

Madonna or Farrah is my question on this Throw Back Thursday?!  I came across the famous Farrah shot and remembered reading that the photographer just snapped this shot of her naturally sitting there smiling.  Now I partially believe that she was just sitting there between shots and maybe he caught her laughing or something…but her […]

Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan

Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan Cover circa 1972

Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan cover circa 1972 really tripped me out.  This is a classic right up there with Farrah Fawcett’s bathing suit poster  He was 36 years old on this cover, and who doesn’t like a bear skin rug to lay around on?! (gross!)   I was thinking as the Summer comes to an end…how […]

The Bionic Woman tv show brought us….BIG FOOT!


The Bionic Woman tv show brought us…. Bigfoot!!  So this is my #tbt shout out.  How can a gem like this from 70’s awesome idea’s in tv making not be my throw back Thursday?  When Lindsay Wagner a.k.a. Jamie Summers battles Big foot her hair is perfection at all times.  When she runs and jumps […]

Jacqueline Bisset beauty beyond

Jacquline Bisset beauty

Jacqueline Bisset beauty beyond and world known since the 70s.  This woman has been in some of the most iconic films of the day.  She was known to be a good actress and more known for creating the “wet tshirt” contest in bars all across this country to this day.  The Abyss… white cotton T-shirt […]

Breck hair care color #tbt

Breck hair color

Breck hair care color is a great toss back for #tbt.  “Just comb it in”  its that easy!  haaaaaaa! I love it.  First off the retro box and photos are eye catching but the at home comb it in…makes salons money in the “please help me fix my hair”  category.  I cannot tell you how […]

Grease sing along

Grease sing along

Grease sing along at the famous Hollywood Bowl is my tribute to #tbt as the movie that has a lot to do with hair and pop culture. It is the perfect throwback for my #tbt post.  Sitting there in the patio at the bowl I look across the picnic tables and spotted this chick with […]

Vidal Sassoon knew hair

Vidal Sasson knows hair

Vidal Sassoon knew hair on a woman like no other.  Like Coco Chanel knew the lines of a skirt and jacket on a women he too knew a good line on a lady.  This picture and his facial expression really say it all.  I love the caption “whatever can you be thinking wearing your hair […]

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman ever brings back the  true beauty of yesteryear and today. Getting back into the Holiday Spirit we reminisce and look back at Lynda Carter Wonder Woman.  Her perfect roller set hair is her own, her bod just naturally in shape, and those eyes…wow those eyes!  Her beautiful voluminous hair with lustrous waves […]

Charlies Angel

charlies angel

Charlies Angel brings Throwback Thursday’s. Off we start with Charlies Angel and a Bionic man. In honor of Throwback Thursday how can you not dig Lee Majors classic ear muff’s hair cut and velvet bow tie.  This goes excellent with Farrah Fawcett’s hot dog curl in front with rad feather action!  This totally compliments with her […]