Max Factor Hollywood Museum

max factor

Max Factor Hollywood Museum was literally a trip to the past.  I have lived in Los Angeles for 21 years and have sat in traffic many times looking over at the deco 1928 building next to Mel’s Diner on Hollywood blvd. and Highland ave..  I never stopped to go in as I have never done […]

Grammy hair review

grammys 2015 hair review

Grammy hair review of the ones that stood out from my point of view.  Basically I felt the hair was hit and miss this year.  I have never been a Taylor Swift kinda guy but the more I watch her and hear her talk, I like this chick!  She always has classic hair style  This […]

A-line bob haircut

A-line bob haircut

A-line bob haircut is always classic and always on trend.  I have been noticing a big trend in my salon and in the world around me.  Seems from Kelly Ripa, to Heidi Klume, to the dental hygenist in my chair.  The trend is the classic slight A-line bob.  Not the bob that Barbara Streisand did […]

New Year new hair

new year new hair

New Year new hair is what my brave friend/client was all about.  She has overcome major stuff the last year and decided 2015 was about new ways of looking at things including herself.  She wanted the freedom of not blow drying her thick, wavy hair out.  Doing tons of foil work to give her natural […]

Bleach blonde hair

bleach blondes done right

Bleach blonde hair can look shiny and healthy with the right application and products used.  People sometimes will say things like…”he is really good with blondes”  or “he is good with red heads.”  I feel a true color specialist is good at all color and knowing tonal values and how to use color to make […]

Brazilian Blowout vs. Pravana

brazlian blowout vs. pravana

Brazilian Blowout vs. Pravana smoothing treatments.  During the Brazilian Blowout social media attack a couple years back I too was wondering if there were truths behind the formaldehyde scare.  Is there a vapor that is going into the air and hurting my client and myself?  I had a battle with the back and forth of […]

New Year New Hair

new year new hair

New Year new hair is what my new client decided on.  She was referred to a high end Beverly Hills salon that charged her a ton of money and botched the color.  So the head colorist tried to fix her color for 6 hours after.  She left frustrated with brassy hair.  She asked to be […]

Blondes going darker

blondes going darker

Blondes going darker should always be done by a professional!  I had a referral client come in as she was having issues with her colorist bleaching her out so much that her hair turned grayish.  The worst of it is though is my client has a very dark base color that when not lifted correctly […]

Italian hair coloring

italian hair coloring

Italian hair coloring done right.  Meaning when you bring a dark Italian haired woman into a blonde.  Its a tricky path to go down and if its not done right, then brassy issues can happen.  I have said this many times when you lift any dark color more than 2 levels from the natural that […]

Madonna Interview Magazine

madonna interview mag 2014

Madonna Interview Magazine brings us yet another “reductive” and “repetitive” version that Madge is tossing onto us.  Madonna always brings rad hair to the table.  Her stylists always deliver.  Her thick, Italian hair is blonded just right and styled into old school perfection.  Yes her body as usual is in rad shape, she is in […]