Donating hair is a great thing!!


Donating hair is a great thing!!  My friend Merry will grow out here hair and donate it every year.  She basically just comes in during the year for “dusting” hair cuts.  That is where I literally cut the hair dry and “dust” the edges with my sheers to take off the minimal dead ends every […]

Highlights and lowlights …that is the question?

highlights and lowlights

Highlights and low lights?…that is sometimes a confusing question.  I wanted to share a new client who came into me last week to fix her long grown out balayage hair color.  Her last colorist was doing this service on her and it ended up just blonding her out so much that it was like a […]

Is Sun In good or bad for your hair?

Sun In is not Fun In your hair

Is Sun In good or bad for your hair?  I always say…”Sun In is no fun in your hair!”  My #TBT shout out goes to …Sun In. When Summer comes along I start to see some slightly brassy brunettes and dark blondes out there.  Seems that no one over the last 35 years has picked […]

Blonde on Blonde

blonde on blonde

Blonde on Blonde is better done on a darker natural base color to achieve blended levels of blonde.  Sofia Vergara , Madonna, J-Lo who are natural level 4 dark brown hair color have to “bust the base” meaning you have to lift the natural hair a few levels with just hair color.  Then go in […]

A-line bob 2014 with copper red color

A line bob copper red head

A-line bob 2014 is shattered and has movement.  After I was done last night coloring my client Paula into a Sun-kissed copper color.  I used all-nutrient organic hair color by the way…no ammonia.  Paula wanted to give her heavy, thick, wavy hair a lift and was saying that all her hair had her sweating.  So […]

Best curly hair products combo I have found

curly hair products

Best curly hair products combo I have found…we all hear this a lot!   I hear stuff like, “I swear by this” or “this is the only thing I us.”  Well here I go with my combo, and I will say this as it is my “GO TO” combo.  The combo I personally use on […]

Mickey Rourke hair….wigs gone wild!

mickey rourke wig

Mickey Rourke hair…what’s up with that?  Lets get something straight here first.  I do not harsh a dude or woman going thru hair issues of any kind. Stuff happens that affects hair from stress, to hormones, to poor treatment to it.  Hell then there is just getting older and that’s it.  There are ways to […]

Angelyne billboard


Angelyne billboard and the huge painting of her on the side of a Hollywood building were what one did in the days before instagram and twitter.  This woman did trail blaze shameless self promotion with zero talent wayyyyy before Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.  This big breasted, 80s, blonde,  small waisted, pink Corvette driving lady […]

Lauren Bacall

lauren bacall

Lauren Bacall passing yesterday on the heels of Robin Williams is just a huge bummer.  I know that Robin Williams speaks to a lot of us as he should.  His death is truly a loss.  Yet in this town I live in they will just mention the passing of Lauren Bacall and that will be […]

How to get volume in the hair

how to get volume in the hair

How to get volume in the hair my GO TO products are Moroccan oil light and their volume mouse.  My client Vanessa has flat medium fine hair.  It just needs a little barrier of moisture and then the mouse to amp. it up a bit.  I wash and condition her hair then I put a […]