Frizzy hairstyles

frizzy hair used to be a trend

Frizzy hairstyles  used to be a trend.  Way before the flat iron generation of the mid 90’s when girls ran to get their flat irons.   Way before the brazilian Blowout.  Way before the Yuko straightener.  Way before Moroccan Oil and products of this ilk, there was a time in the 70’s and 80’s when […]

Best curly hair products combo I have found

curly hair products

Best curly hair products combo I have found…we all hear this a lot!   I hear stuff like, “I swear by this” or “this is the only thing I us.”  Well here I go with my combo, and I will say this as it is my “GO TO” combo.  The combo I personally use on […]

How to get volume in the hair

how to get volume in the hair

How to get volume in the hair my GO TO products are Moroccan oil light and their volume mouse.  My client Vanessa has flat medium fine hair.  It just needs a little barrier of moisture and then the mouse to amp. it up a bit.  I wash and condition her hair then I put a […]

First Haircut

First Haircut

First Haircut I don’t cut kids hair usually but if I do, I don’t do a “kids cut” she is worth more than that!  lol My niece Kate gets her first haircut by Uncle Todd.  I looked at her perfectly blonde kid hair and thought… “cut this hair like an adult”  I look at a […]

Warhol and Vidal…

Warhol and Vidal

Warhol and Vidal…who knew these two power Artists would combine worlds?!Back in the early 80’s Andy Warhol did a commercial spread for Vidal Sassoon when Vidal own the company before Proctor and Gamble bought it.  Seeing as Andy wore a wig…its still damn cool.  Oh the glamor of it all…

The retro roller set glam

The retro roller set glam

The retro roller set glam of the 60’s for today I dig this kinda hair!  The hot retro blonde of the 60’s.  While Vidal Sasson was changing hair for women forever with the “shake” cuts during the counter culture movement of the 60’s, there also was that standard big hair of glamor pumping up magazines […]

Caramel Highlights

caramel hightlights

Caramel highlights then Moroccan Oil “light” and Volume Mousse…long shiny healthy hair…love Moroccan Oil !!!! Kate here came in for simple set of caramel hightlights…a “dusting” which is a slight grazing of the ends of the hair to keep hair long and healthy.  Think of it as the “non haircut, haircut”  lol .  I just […]

Full Body Hairstyles

full body hairstyles

Full body hairstyles…Dull flat hair…lifted full with body Moroccan Oil “light” and Morocccan Oil Mousse  Want to know how we achieved that look in the salon?  Here is a client from beginning to end and step by step what we did.  This client had dull, flat hair.  Her hair was highlighted partially into a soft […]