The retro roller set glam of the 60′s for today

rad retro 60's glam

I dig this kinda hair!  The hot retro blonde of the 60′s.  While Vidal Sasson was changing hair for women forever with the “shake” cuts during the counter culture movement of the 60′s, there also was that standard big hair of glamor pumping up magazines and movies ala Barbarella.  When I saw this pic it […]

Caramel hightlights then Moroccan Oil “light” and Volume Mousse…long shiny healthy hair…love Moroccan Oil !!!!


Kate here came in for simple set of caramel hightlights…a “dusting” which is a slight grazing of the ends of the hair to keep hair long and healthy.  Think of it as the “non haircut, haircut”  lol .  I just simply cut the bare tips of her hair to keep the shape and split ends […]