What it’s really like to go platinum blonde

platinum blonde

What it’s really like to go platinum blonde.  I used to say everyone should be blonde at least once in their life.  Now years into being a colorist that is  not so true.  If you have the skin tones, eye color, and style then you can go for platinum.   Basic rules  to hair color matching your eyes, and skin is to not go more than 2 levels lighter or darker.  If you go 4 to 6 levels lighter you have to change your make up and clothing.  People in general do not know iif you go wayyyyy off the scale of your natural you have to adjust your daily colors to that new hair color.


My client is a dirty blonde naturally so going super blonde on her is an easy fit because this is the color she was as a little girl.   Now time had changed her into a  “dirty blonde”.   So when she started coming to me she would just get partial highlights to keep it in a natural California blonde shade.  But  she was wanting a change and said….”make me Deborah Harry blonde!”

When a longer head of hair is being bleached you really need a professional colorist to do this for you if you want to keep your hair healthy and even.  I do not recommend anyone with long hair ever to do this at home!   I used a double drab blue cream bleach starting on her ends with a complete different formula than I did on her virgin hair.  So it was like coloring two different heads of hair on her head.  I never leave a bleach like this alone.  I watch it and  check it every 10 minutes until its the perfect pale blonde.


Then I put a platinum ultra violet toner thru her hair.  I am an instinctual colorist.  The manufacturer will say leave it on for 20 minutes….ummmm no way!  It is like being a chef you watch it and feel when its time  to take it off.  It can be 2 minutes it can be 7 minutes…I watch it til it hits the exact tone.  If the toner is on too long especially on previously colored hair that can be porous…drab and dull will happen.  You  do not want that!

In the end she had even tonality from roots to end and got to keep her long hair.  We did a light “dusting” hair cut on the ends so she had zero splits.  But she got to keep it long.  That is because she had a pro do it.  The finish was simply a few pumps or moroccan oil light.  Simple blowout and boom….She is a platinum!