How to refresh faded hair color


How to refresh faded hair color,  and not damage your hair.  Color on your head is just like any color  on any material, jeans, a shirt, a sweater, your favorite picture in a frame.  Over time the sun, time, and  elements will diffuse the color pigment period!  In your hair color the color slips out after you wash it just like  a colored shirt.  They make special laundry soap for “colorfast” “colorsafe” ads on the detergent.  The same  concept is  for the hair.  Your hair  color  will dull and or fade over  time if you do not use a color safe shampoo and conditioner.  That is why color shampoo and conditioners were created with pigment in them to keep your color somewhat fresh.  Hell even when you sweat and then swim the salt and chlorine have a field day on hair color.

color gloss

What some do at home or in the salon is, they take the existing color they used on their roots and just pull it thru the already  previously colored ends.  Well every time you take a permanent color and pull it thru your ends you are taking peroxide and  ammonia usually especially those who use at home hair color (box).  That color is only meant for “virgin” hair.  That is your roots or your entire head that has no color.  But if your hair was previously colored at all …YOU SHOULD NEVER COMB MORE PERMANENT COLOR THRU THE  HAIR!  Over  time it will build up, dry out, and not hold color.

So what I do is when a blonde, red, or brunette come in and no matter what color line is used there will be some fading no matter what.  So  to refresh I use an organic color gloss All Nutrient and simply put it thru her hair from roots to ends like a conditioning mask.  I put her under the dryer for 20 minutes and boom refreshed color  with no ammonia or peroxide, just a deposit of translucent, shiny color is laying on the top of the cuticle  to keep her going another 6 weeks.

color refresh

My point here is to keep  your hair healthy and  shiny over  time there is upkeep and if your  going  to keep your color going without damage ….color gloss it .  I always  suggest that you leave it to the pro’s as we know  how to formulate.  I also can only speak for myself, I use the good  stuff.