Fine hair ideas

fine hair ideas

Fine hair ideas .  That is always an issue for my fine hair clients.  I will keep it short and sweet.  No matter what  volume, thickening, or styling sprays you use.  They all wont work right without the right cut and color….period!  The deal with fine hair is there are different types of fine hair.  There are people with tons of fine hair but its lifeless.  Or there are fine hair people with less density and are looking for thickness.  Then there are the fine haired people with  just  fine, dry texture that just  basically is frizzy  and dull.

Yea one can always get extensions and pay extra for hair that is not yours.  I call extensions the acrylic  nails of hair.  lol    But for person who doesn’t  want the expense or damage on their hair  I suggest a quick no b.s. fix to a fine hair issue.

My client in this post is of  the finer, looking for volume aka thickness type.  Yet she has some frizz due to slight grey hairs that are working their way in.  With her hair dry lifeless  and dull I talked her into cutting off the dead lifeless strings and getting a mid-neck bob length with slight layers, and  an all over color to bring life to the color.

I started with organic hair color all nutrient as I want to add to her color and  not take away from it with high ammonia color that would in the end break it over time.  So using a low to no ammonia hair  color is advised to keep the hair in best shape while enhancing the hues needed in the color.  So infusing warm caramel brown into her color all over was step one.

Step two was a mid neck bob with slight square long layers so that the layers just lay toward the bottom of the length.  You never want to over layer fine hair as it can thin it out and make it look thinner.  So to create thickness a solid bob line will give you that and  then the long layers create the volume needed.

To style I used moroccan oil light with their curl mousse as it has more hold and creates volume on her fine frizzy hair.  Then end is a polished bob full of life and volume.  She felt relief from her drab hair and now loves her bob.

fine hair ideas