Best blonde hair color

spring blonde

Best blonde hair color for Spring or hell anytime of year is a soft blonde on blondes.  Not just solid bleached one tone hair.   The bleached look usually can only be worn by someone under 25 years old then it can start looking harsh on adults who are getting older.  Established base color then fine highlights woven thru to create dimension with multi-tones.   That is what looks youthful and pretty period!  No matter what time of year or age range.   The multi-tonal blonde on blonde is always a winner!This color can brighten anyone up no matter what age range or life style!

best blonde hair color for spring

Liz here came to me a few months back after a huge huge mess up at a fancy Beverly Hills Salon where they had to spend 2 days 6-8 hours each day to try to fix her highlights they put in.  After a ton of cash  and being looked  down upon for challenging the head colorist of  this cliche’ Beverly Hills uptight salon, Liz left and just went to another salon to have them color her  hair to her brown color and just give up on being blonde.  That was 8  months ago.  She then was asked by her manager to go back to blonde to book more auditions etc..

Being gun shy after her horrid experience she is referred to me.  I consult with her and tell her we need to do a blonde on blonde session and cut off her mad,  dry ends!  This lady was game and fearless with me as the trust was in her eyes to just go for it!  Even when a client like this is trusting its kinda like rehabilitating trust back into the client that I am not like the last person who “JACKED UP HER HAIR!” LOL

spring blonde 2015

I went in using All Nutrient Organic Hair Color to bring her base color up as they call it “BUST THE BASS!”  Then put in fine foil placement partially on the sides and crown.  Cut some long layers into her hair.  It was much  needed to give her a clean start.  Then the finish was a squirt of Moroccan Oil light and a dab of Smoothing lotion.  Blew it out and boom.  I have a Spring Blonde on Blonde in front of me.  She left happy and ready to take on her career with full force.  Really how you feel helps in your drive to get there.  It should come from inside first and then the outside will follow!

I love what  I do still!  Almost 20 years  into it and I am never ever bored or burnt!  Excited to fix and make hair look better!  I get little rewards daily!