New Year New Hair

New Year new hair is what my new client decided on.  She was referred to a high end Beverly Hills salon that charged her a ton of money and botched the color.  So the head colorist tried to fix her color for 6 hours after.  She left frustrated with brassy hair.  She asked to be a multi-tonal blonde,  more on the wheat and ash side.  She wanted a more natural blend, so I sat her down and started with putting a full head of highlights and low lights thru the entire head of hear.  From the back to the front she had hundreds of foils woven in.  Then I color glossed her with an organic keratin based color gloss that deposits just the right wheat colored tone onto her highlights.  The low lights are also organic demi permanent hair color.   Then she needed a much needed hair cut as she went almost a year without a trim.  With all the coloring the other salon did to her I told her the truth.   She has to cut about 5 inches off as it was all dry and broken.  What is the point of having long hair if 5 inches of it are broken and trashed?  Once hair splits the ends MUST be cut. If you leave all the broken ends they will split all the way up to the scalp over time and fall out or break off. Don’t kid yourself ladies….if you use any and I mean and chemicals on your hair.  You hair is not “virgin” anymore.  It needs special attention in hair care.  You need to use shampoos and conditioners that are suited to your hairs needs.  Just like when you go buy clothes, that special shirt you like that can only be dry cleaned it can’t be washed like your t-shirts. Same with your hair.  Once you color your hair is kinda like dry cleaning….you cannot just toss your favorite shirt in the wash with the rest of your clothes as it needs special treating now.

Coloring hair is an investment and you don’t want to spend the money then use Pantene or Suave on your hair.  A trim every 3 months no matter what!  I gave my client this lecture and advised her to use Moroccan Oil hydrate shampoo, moisture mask and to style with Moroccan Oil light mixed with their new Smoothing lotion.   She left with the wheat tones she was looking for and her new cut made her feel lighter and easier to style.  I love fixing stuff!  I really do.  When I see a challenge in front of me I truly find the way to get the results. new year new hair