Renee Zellweger’s face

renee zellweger's face

Renee Zellweger’s face seems to have strung up some feelings on her plastic surgery results.   Yes she can do as she wants, as we all can.  This great country of ours allows us to do as we want.  She is not harming anyone, and if she wants to change her hair color or dress like a man…that is her choice.  We all have choices in our day to day lives of how we want to look etc..  There is one key difference when your an entertainer though.  That difference is we as the consuming audience who goes to see a movie like Bridgette Jones Diary or Chicago knowing that the actor we are seeing is representing the face we have grown used to seeing.  So when an entertainer like her changes her face so much ala America’s sweetheart of the 80’s Jennifer Gray we the public feel we lost that person.  Once you fully change your appearance into another face totally, we as the consuming audience who pays for that movie ticket feel…ripped off. She is no longer the character that she built in that franchise of Bridgette Jones.  If she were to go on screen and want us to pay 15 bucks a movie ticket to look at a different face all together then I am not getting what I paid for as a consuming audience member.

I know its harsh but seeing as the bigger part of the words SHOW BUSINESS is the word BUSINESS. That is just what it is and when the product changes the consumer may not go with it.  Yes Renee can do as she wants as a human being, but as a consumer I too can do what I want and not buy a ticket to her movies any more.  She can go be happy, I hope she is and props to her.  I myself already have a Robyn Wright to watch on house of cards.  LOL  If your in the public eye and your selling yourself as the product we as the consumer can comment on it as you put it out there for public consumption.  I personally really do not care either way.  I just wanted to point out why its a big deal in this business of SHOW.