How to fix brassy hair color

how to fix brassy hair color

How to fix brassy hair color is a snap when your hair person can cancel out the brass and bring in dimension.  As my client came in from a Summer of wear and tear on her hair.  It was time to go in and bring her dark hair with 50 percent gray into a softer fun blonde tone.

I had to give her base color a solid neutral ash base to fight all the brass. Using organic hair color like all nutrient really helps in the integrity of the hair.  Then the foil work is needed to blend out and give dimension with highs and lows.  Since her hair had been in the ocean a lot she needed a slight haircut shaping.  Then a good polished look to finish it. I suggest a violet shampoo to keep the color vibrant one such as Keratin Complex Blondshell shampoo and conditioner.   This will keep the color and add shine over the next couple of months.

No matter what city water and old pipes have minerals in it that can dull and brass out any blonde tones.  So to fight that get a water filter for your shower and use violet based shampoo and conditioners once a week.  Also use a rich deep conditioning treatment from Moroccan Oil or Evo.  I truly believe that if you take care of your hair in between its lke taking care of a fine garment.  If you take care of it, it will last and last and last.  But if you cheap out and get some Pantene or use Suave then you will ruin the color over time.  No matter who colors the hair remember hair is a material like any other, if you maintain it will the right stuff, it will last you longer!  Brassy is never good ya’ll!