Jacqueline Bisset beauty beyond

Jacquline Bisset beauty

Jacqueline Bisset beauty beyond and world known since the 70s.  This woman has been in some of the most iconic films of the day.  She was known to be a good actress and more known for creating the “wet tshirt” contest in bars all across this country to this day.  The Abyss… white cotton T-shirt she swims in created the trend of women wearing wet t-shirts.   I felt the need to post this hot lady for #tbt with her long legs or as my dad would say…gams, and her roller set brunette locks.  This shot is what women look for in a good shoe.  To create this long shapely leg and that dress draping her lean body and notice….flat chest. Oh how I miss the flat chest!!  Los Angeles is full of the HUGE CHEST!  I sometimes am in awe when I see a beauty like this in So Cal with untouched beauty.

I also respect this woman for not going under the knife. She is total class and always has been.  Yea I know she was fumbling over her words a little buzzed at the Golden Globes last year.  I feel she has earned it to be buzzed accepting an award as she has been doing this a long long time. I hope there are beauts like her in the future as natural beauty is rare. Rare in the sense of…why is it ok to have a stiff face that looks like a mask and not a few lines or wrinkles?  Happy TBT to you Ms. Bisset!