Covering Gray hair

Covering Gray

Covering Gray hair is sometimes needed.  My client wanted to try to grow out her natural ashen (salt & pepper hair color for a change.  She is only in her mid 30’s and her actual hair color grown out was too ashen that it started to prematurely age her.  She is too young to look older just yet.  So she came in with a years growth of old color on her ends that also had grown brassy from sun and swimming.  The brassy with the ashen were both doing her wrong.  Using organic hair color mixed a lighter tone as she wanted to go two levels lighter instead of matching her dark color. (The lighter you go the gray blends by the way) Then I took a demi permanant  color and blended it thru her ends.  Then had to finish off this look with a re-shaped A-line bob.  She is in the professional world now where she has to look polished and at her best.  I totally get the urge to just let it be natural.  But unless your natural is that bright white color that accents and highlights your complexion I feel that its better to color. Hey when you are older and well into your 80’s maybe you can let it go and relax.  My client choosing to come in and color her hair literally shaved 15 years off her age.  She is too young yet to be looking well into her late 40’s.  When that time comes then we will asses.   Uplifting someones complexion and making someone look polished is better than botox or face pulling and filling. I dig that I can uplift someone without a knife.  No botoxing or putting fillers in and its a plus that you don’t have to see if insurance covers it.

gray hair coverage